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Calendar Year Rollover

If you don’t use all your benefit dollars in a year, Calendar Year Rollover lets you keep that money for the following year. This gives you added security for the unexpected and can help you plan for major services.

Many of our group PPO plans have this rollover benefit; HMO plans don’t have this benefit because they don’t have a calendar year maximum. Eligible members who have a plan with Calendar Year Rollover don’t have to do anything at the end of the year because the rollover amount is applied automatically.

Grow your dental benefits

Your plan has a standard amount that you can roll over. Calendar Year Rollover dollars don’t expire, so your dental benefits can add up over time.

You’re eligible for the benefit if:

  1. You’re a member of an HMSA PPO dental plan with rollover on the last day of the year.
  2. You receive at least one covered service, such as a routine cleaning, during the year.
  3. Your total claims paid during the calendar year do not exceed the payment threshold listed in the second column of the chart below.

In the table below, your plan’s maximum benefit is shown in the first column. The amount you can roll over is shown in the third column as long as your claims for the year don’t exceed the amount in the second column. Your rollover balance can keep growing year after year up to your plan’s rollover limit in the fourth column.

For details about Calendar Year Rollover, see your Dental Guide to Benefits.

You can check your Calendar Year Rollover balance online.

If you have questions, please call us at 808-948-6440 on Oahu or 1-800-792-4672 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands.

Note: This isn’t a flexible spending account. The amount you earn is your benefit maximum for a year.