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The Power of a Dental Network

Most HMSA dental plans allow you to see any dental provider for services, but seeing a dentist in our provider network will help ensure you receive cost-effective, high-quality care. Here are some reasons to visit a provider in our network:

  • Participating providers have a contract with us to provide services at a set fee.
  • Your out-of-pocket costs are lower than if you were to see a nonparticipating provider.
  • Participating providers file claims for you. If you see a nonparticipating provider, you may be required to pay the complete cost at the time of service and file a claim yourself to receive reimbursement.
  • We personally review every provider in our network, so you can count on quality care.

You can see a nonparticipating provider (someone who’s not in our network), but you may pay more than if you were to see a participating provider.

If you’re an HMSA PPO member, you can choose a dentist from an extensive local network with more than 90% of dentists in Hawaii. If you’re on the Mainland, you can see a dentist in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network who’s considered a participating provider.

If you’re an HMSA HMO member, you’ll have access to providers in the Hawaii Family Dental network, the largest group dental practice in Hawaii.

Finding a participating provider is quick and easy using our Find a Dentist tool.