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Oral Health for Total Health

Keeping your mouth healthy can have a big impact on your overall or “total” health, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with certain medical conditions. Our Oral Health for Total HealthSM program integrates medical and dental care to help you and your family improve your total health.

Additional dental benefits at no additional cost

HMSA members who are enrolled in Oral Health for Total Health receive additional dental benefits that can improve total health, enhance quality of life, and lower medical and dental care costs. In a study conducted by HMSA,* medical and dental plan members diagnosed with diabetes and coronary artery disease saved 18% and 31% respectively on medical costs when they used their dental benefits to manage their conditions compared with those who didn’t.

At our practice, we treat our patients like family. We encourage them to practice preventive measures for optimal health. Routine dental care is a part of that. Oral Health for Total Health recognizes that some people need routine dental care more frequently than others, which is a big win for our patients. Dr. William Sicilia, HMSA participating dentist
There’s no extra cost to participate in Oral Health for Total Health. The additional dental benefits provided by the program are valued at over $1,000 and they’re covered 100% with no copayment or coinsurance when you see a participating provider. Also, they don’t apply toward your calendar year maximum and there are no waiting periods. If you’re an HMSA dental plan member and have been diagnosed with an eligible medical condition (listed below), Oral Health for Total Health can make a difference in your health.

Take advantage of these additional dental benefits

If you have HMSA medical and dental plans and an eligible medical condition, you’re automatically enrolled in the program. If you’re pregnant or don’t have an HMSA medical plan, you can easily self-enroll online. Once enrolled, we’ll contact you and provide you with more information about the mouth-body health connection and reminders to use your extra benefits.

The sooner you take advantage of these benefits, the sooner you can improve your total health. Simply make an appointment with your dentist. You can find a dentist in your plan’s network in our provider directory.

*Hawai‘i Medical Service Association, “Dental User Medical Cost Trend Average,” 2013-2017.