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Connected Care

HMSA is committed to shaping a healthier future for the people of Hawaii. Coordinating dental care with primary care and/or treating physicians can help improve the oral and total health of your patients. Technology now makes it easier to identify at-risk and rising-risk patients so you can proactively address issues before they become serious.

The ability to share information quickly, securely, and efficiently is critical to successful collaboration. That’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for our dental and medical care providers to work together to deliver effective “whole person” care to our members.

A connected team increases patient engagement and results in better health

Connected Care provides a flexible, scalable platform that connects your dental practice to HMSA’s broad community of health care providers. Transparency between treating physicians and dentists allows for an efficient, holistic approach to addressing dental health.

Through the platform called Coreo, primary care providers (PCPs) are notified when patients are due or overdue for cleanings or checkups and advises them to refer the patients to your practice for care.

Once registered, you’ll have access through Coreo to your attributed dental population. You’ll be able to view preventive dental measures for each patient, including those who are enrolled in Oral Health for Total Health.

You’ll also gain real-time access to your patients’ medical information, such as recent visits, current and historical prescription information, diagnoses, and demographics. The system enables pre-visit planning and identifies gaps in medical care so that you can advise your patients to schedule follow-up visits with their PCP if necessary.

I appreciate how HMSA has prioritized the importance of oral health as part of total health. Coreo is a great tool to help providers make that connection. Dr. Aileen Lapitan

The future of dental care is integrated care

Connected Care is central to our vision of improving patient health through increased support of our provider partners. View the dental measures presentation to learn how Coreo works for dental providers. Our 2019 continuing education training video also includes valuable information about how Connected Care can benefit your practice.

How to register

To register, complete and submit the HMSA Dental Coreo User Request form. Providers and support staff must each complete a registration form. Please include a distinct email address and HMSA ID number.


View our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, or contact Dental Network Managers Jessica Chang at 538-8904 or Ellie Kelley-Miyashiro at 538-8933, both on Oahu.